WaVey the Rocket


About Wavey

Wavey The Rocket is heavily inspired by arcade games of generations past. This 3D sidescroller will challenge you with its unique gameplay. 

Guide Wavey through his adventure to the most dangerous and bizarre reaches of the universe. Be prepared for a challenging experience filled with tense and exhilarating moments.

Developed by a team of two and music from https://soundcloud.com/thomas-oboyle, this retro mascot adventure is sure to impress.

Coming soon.



Who Are we?


Founded by Danny Negus and Rob Fenemore UpperRoom Games has grown out of a friendship and passion for creating Videogames.

We are currently working on our first video game release Wavey the Rocket. We have spent years doing game jams, creating prototypes and honing our skills and now we are ready for a commercial release.

We want to create and deliver games that inspire a younger generation whilst appealing to the seasoned gamers. 




The Duo


Danny Negus
Founder - ARTIST

Danny was born into a house hold of video games and received his first console at age 3, since the arrival of his Megadrive Danny's whole life has been building towards creating video games as a career.

He has a BA (hons) in Video Game Art and has spent the last 7 years professionally carving his path as a 3D Generalist.



From early on Rob's dream was to be able to make games. His background and studies in music and audio were just the starting point.

After studying and working as a sound designer and 3D artist Rob finally found his calling as a programmer. Since then he has been refining these skills to become a well rounded developer.


The UpperRoom



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