A brief history of time.

It’s been a long winding path, filled with many crossroads, to reach this quintessential moment in the creation of Wavey The Rocket. I find myself casting my mind back to the beginning of it all. A group of friends enjoying the frenzied creative experience of the global game jam. It’s an amazing thing to look back at that project and see that the heart of Wavey The Rocket has remained so loyal.

Since that long weekend in January the game has taken many shapes. It has been started again from scratch on more than one occasion as we searched for its true identity. The battle of finding a nice control scheme was no small venture. What became known to us as Wavey 2.0 was set to be a mobile game. It had been expanded to include more UI, a less primitive scoring system and a new take on aesthetic. Perhaps most notably, this was the time when Wavey took on his identity thanks to a beautiful piece of concept art that to this day has shaped a great many things. Although we had taken great strides since the game jam, it still didn’t feel right. Alas, the mobile idea did not stick as we knew that was not Wavey’s destiny.

So began the development of Wavey 3.0. It was going to be bigger and better than it’s predecessors as we began to incorporate a story and more characters. We opened up the game and bought the universe to centre stage in all its glory. We added a map with chapters and boss levels and made the play space more dynamic with a variety of unique obstacles and new stylish ways to rack up points. Our antagonist was given life in the form of Count Cube; an evil power hungry dictator, bent on destruction and domination. We were making progress.

 Wavey through the ages.

Wavey through the ages.

The time finally came where we got to show Wavey to the world for the first time. EGX 2017 was a truly amazing experience and opened our eyes to the true potential that resided in the short demo we had been able to create in our evenings after work. Every night we sat for hours, excitedly discussing the ongoings of our day, all the while fuelling the fire for what lies ahead.

And what does lie ahead? That’s right. It’s now time for the final, true and complete version of Wavey to begin its journey of creation. Wavey 4.0 is hot on our minds and everyday the full picture gets more focused. I’m very excited to share with you all over the coming months our progress as it unfolds. If my experiences of developing Wavey this far are anything to go on, I’m sure it will be a fun ride!